How to kill mold in AC ducts

AC MoldAir ducts and AC units make great places for mold to thrive. To kill mold present in ac ducts, you need a professional, mainly because it’s rare. AC ducts should be cleaned regularly since ozone machines are ineffective in general and biocide sprays pile up, bringing other health complications. It is important to ensure that the mold is cleared from your air conditioner ducts to correct the temperature and moisture in your home. Below is a stepwise procedure of how to eliminate mold in ac ducts.

1. To begin with, wear a dust mask just to ensure you don’t inhale mold spores. It is advisable if you have mold allergies or asthma.

2. Switch off your ac unit, then pull out the filter and closely examine it. In case it is moldy, throw it away and don’t replace it yet.

3. Remove the panel completely off your ac and locate the coils. Below the coils, there is a condensation pan. In case it is moldy, it clearly indicates how mold accesses your ac ducts. It is advisable not to handle it since the professional you are about to invite will clean it up or replace it. The professional will also clean the fans, coils and the interior of the ac.

4. Make an incision into the insulation that surrounds the ducts using a sharp knife. Closely examine the fiber glass for signs of mold. In case you find mold, remove the ac duct insulation and throw it far away since it can’t be effectively cleaned.

5. Lastly, contact a renowned duct cleaning service. Removal of mold from the ac ducts cannot be done using an ozone unit or a vacuum cleaner as most DIY sites recommend. It is advisable to call at least two firms for an estimate. Also check out their references and select the contractor that you think will do a commendable job.

If you have mold growing in your AC ducts, don’t hesitate to contact the mold removal specialists at